17 August 2017

Just Graduated

Dear readers,

I would love to inform you that I have graduated from my college officially. Proudly say, I'm a bachelor of Computer Science. Even though I did not receive any title caused of my 3.66 GPA. Thank you for my support system, my family. Thanks dad for your hard work to fund my study. Thanks mom for all you have done till now and keep going. Thanks my little sister, for your sometimes-consideration-to-accompany me during my thesis at cafe. She would love to read this! Last time she mad at me, because I posted something on my Instagram account with no thank for her on the caption.

5 August 2017

Job Interview Tips

Illustration taken from Berrybenka, buy these looks here.

After graduated from college, there are three things most students will do. They will attempt to find job opportunity, start their own business. and the rest will continue their study. As you know, I have graduated and luckily, before my internship finished my office offered me a job. So I do not need to seek for job opportunity at the moment. But then, I never knew what it was like to attend a job interview. Once upon a time, I applied for a job opportunity. So this article would be a hint for you who still looking for the best job opportunity. Here I will tell you how it goes.