15 July 2018

Traveling to Belitung

Belitung (or in English, Billiton) is an island on the east coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. It covers 4,800.6 km2, and had a population of 271,868 in 2014. The island is known for its pepper, tin, and white sand. In case you're looking for a short-getaway that has query such as beach, quiet, and affordable you need to pay a visit here! It's not under-developed, only crowded at seasonal peak, yet has breathtaking coastline. It's enough if you only had four days off.

Traveling to Solo

Solo, or its fame name as The City of Batik. I have visited Solo several times in the past four years, and finally a very best friend of mine has completed her bachelor degree this December. I attended her graduation, which probably the last time I would visit Solo. I may visit this little and humble city again some other time for different occasion.

11 February 2018

ArtScience Museum Singapore

I bet you already heard about this museum! This museum has different exhibition and I'm really curious about the "Future World". Yeah, it's crystal universe is really impressive. But I would like to give you a little tips for you, first timer!

1 December 2017

Museum MACAN

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara. This museum has been operated since early November 2017 until March 2018. A friend of mine, named Vina (which helps me in the previous article), ask me to go there. Then another friend of mine, named Sujan, also ask me to go there. Then here we go!

11 November 2017

Editor's Choice: Korean Brand for Ice Cream Ft. Vina

Do you know Binggrae? It's korean brand known for ice cream. They had various kind of ice cream which has different various like we had from well-known brand in Indonesia, such as Walls. They provide a whole different product especially in fruit flavour, unique packaging, and addition of either sponge cake or waffle. Recently, I'm so fond of their three products named Melona, Power Cap Banana, and Pangtoa Choco Chifon. So, I introduced them to my beloved friend named Vina.

This is quite special article since a friend of mine would like to share her opinion as well!

4 November 2017

Pengalaman Pergantian Paspor

Source: Neskanencenter.org

Untuk bepergian ke luar negri, tentunya kita memerlukan paspor sebagai pengenal diri. Mungkin ada beberapa dari kalian yang baru pertama kali ingin membuat paspor, bisa baca pengalamanku yang akan aku jelaskan dengan detil disini. Masih sama seperti artikel sebelumnya, artikel ini akan ditulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia karena ini tidak bermanfaat jika dibaca orang asing, haha. Kali ini aku ingin berbagi informasi mengenai Kantor Imigirasi Kelas 1 di Kota Tangerang. Beberapa waktu lalu, aku mengajukan permohonan pergantian paspor karena paspor yang lama telah habis masa berlakunya. Mulai awal Agustus 2017, Kantor Imigrasi memiliki sistem antri online. Beberapa dapat mengajukan antrian melalui situs atau aplikasi resmi, namun ada juga yang melalui Whatsapp seperti Kantor Imigrasi Kelas 1 di Kota Tangerang.

28 October 2017

Precious Childhood Memories

Hey, recently I'm thinking about to write an article in Bahasa. I knew that I'm not that fluent in English, but at least I want to try to write in English on my personal blog. Okay, let's make this article as the first article in Bahasa.

Belakangan ini, aku bernostalgia tentang hal-hal yang dulu aku gemari. Apakah kalian juga angkatan 95-an? Mungkin saja kegemaran kita mirip!

21 October 2017

Review: Glasses Online Shop in Indonesia

Sunglasses from Mylogylollyshop - 2015
Nowadays, it feels easier to buy some fashion accessories online. You could search all the items through your device screen wherever you are. Technology lead a new shopping habit through social media. It does not only benefit the seller but also the customer. Customer could spend her spare time whenever it is to keep scrolling the online shop products, it's more way convenient for busy person. I would like to share you my experience when online shopping for glasses. I happened to buy glasses online from several online shops, there are Mylogylollyshop, Michikolatte, Yourglasses, and Karamata_id.

I will tell you the real experience, here we go.

14 October 2017

What will you do in Computer Science?

My little sister is on her senior year and decided to continue her study in Computer Science, like I did. Funny enough to know that your sister will somehow take path the one you chose. As long as I can remember, I never suggest her to take this field. But here we are, she chose this major for her secondary option.

I think that maybe some of you, my readers, will eventually choose this major as well. So I would love to share my experience.

17 August 2017

Just Graduated

Dear readers,

I would love to inform you that I have graduated from my college officially. Proudly say, I'm a bachelor of Computer Science. Even though I did not receive any title caused of my 3.66 GPA. Thank you for my support system, my family. Thanks dad for your hard work to fund my study. Thanks mom for all you have done till now and keep going. Thanks my little sister, for your sometimes-consideration-to-accompany me during my thesis at cafe. She would love to read this! Last time she mad at me, because I posted something on my Instagram account with no thank for her on the caption.

5 August 2017

Job Interview Tips

Illustration taken from Berrybenka, buy these looks here.

After graduated from college, there are three things most students will do. They will attempt to find job opportunity, start their own business. and the rest will continue their study. As you know, I have graduated and luckily, before my internship finished my office offered me a job. So I do not need to seek for job opportunity at the moment. But then, I never knew what it was like to attend a job interview. Once upon a time, I applied for a job opportunity. So this article would be a hint for you who still looking for the best job opportunity. Here I will tell you how it goes.

22 July 2017


Last year, I began the adventure with two other guys. On that time I was like highly motivated to move to other field as far as I could. Application Developer is one of the job that the most I anticipate. I was never find it fun to code, till I began to know it here.

I learned about Javascript, Java (for Android), and Swift on the first quarter and then move to an Android project. Time flies and three of us has different path, and I stay as Android Developer. Time flies again and then I started to handle iOS project. Now that my internship has ended, I became Mobile Application Developer (handle both Android and iOS with its native programming language).

23 June 2017


Strawberry Cheesecake by The Harvest (round 20cm)

Ohello! It's been a long time since I post the last article, and I decided to post about my birthday as comeback article.

Thank you for my family, Ditha, cousins, Chan (my junior high squad), and co-workers at DSS for your surprises, I'm so thankful that you guys care about me. Thank you for all of you who gave best wishes for me and may all the good deeds return in your favor. Seriously, I find it hard to express how thankful and grateful I am having you all in my life. I've always been a high-maintenance one, but you guys still stay by my side despite my bad and I could not ask for more. Each one of you has your own color that coloring my life.

28 January 2017

Happy Fire Rooster 2568

Jjajangmyeon (L) 45,000 IDR
Happy Lunar New Year!
Been away for around a month, because of thesis preparation. And now for lunar special, I'd love to share about halal Jjajangmyeon recommendation in Karawaci.

Chung Gi Wa opened noodle restaurant named J.J.M in Supermal Karawaci, Tangerang. Offers jjajangmyeon, jjampong, and several other noodle dishes. But they also serves chicken dish such as tangsuyuk. The restaurant itself is not as spacious as Chung Gi Wa. But the taste is good enough for non-pork dish, compared to jjajangmyeon of another halal korean restaurant. 

7 December 2016

Bandung: MonCherie

This ice cream store located at Wira Angun - Angun, in a place named Taman Tengah. Taman Tengah is a place for several mini stores with semi-outdoor dining place among those stores.