30 November 2016

Bandung: Arromanis

Arromanis. One of ice cream store located at Jalan Wira Angun-Angung, Bandung city. This place has interested creative strategy which is they offer menu for short-term sales. So, their customers would never get bored by their menu. But sometimes, they keep the best-seller one for future term.

23 November 2016

My Half Uni-Life

I've been an intern as junior programmer since March this year and will be done by next February. It's already November, and that I have to submit my thesis in January is making me feel a bit worry, nervous and excited at same time. Feels like yesterday that I graduated from high school, and now I got to be ready to confront the next step of my life.

16 November 2016

Semarang Travel Guide

I would like to share you what should you do and where should you go while traveling in Semarang! Semarang is a capital city of Central Java. I know when you're having lot of time to spend, you have no money. But when you have money, you don't have time. I figured it out that 3-day of short getaway is more than enough for you to take a break from your routines.

9 November 2016

Jogja Travel Guide

I would like to share you what should you do and where should you go while traveling in Jogja! Jogja is a culture city, you would miss to came by this city again. All the food, the people, its heritage...and so on. I figured it out that 4-day of short getaway is not enough to explore this city, but more than enough to release your pressure.

5 November 2016

JCool: Matcha Yoghurt

Sharing size with toppings: Kiwi, Grape, and Granola

JCo. serves yoghurt ice cream as JCool. They served plain yoghurt, but today I pay a visit and surprisingly they served matcha yoghurt as well. They claimed it 0% fat. The taste of matcha is not that strong, just soft and kinda plain tho. But who could resist temptation of matcha yoghurt?

And for the topping, they also offers new variant: Granola!

Single (1 topping - 26,000 IDR)
Couple (2 toppings - 38,000 IDR)
Sharing (3 toppings - 47,000 IDR)
JCool To Go (4 toppings - 60,000 IDR)

Further info click here.