5 August 2017

Job Interview Tips

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After graduated from college, there are three things most students will do. They will attempt to find job opportunity, start their own business. and the rest will continue their study. As you know, I have graduated and luckily, before my internship finished my office offered me a job. So I do not need to seek for job opportunity at the moment. But then, I never knew what it was like to attend a job interview. Once upon a time, I applied for a job opportunity. So this article would be a hint for you who still looking for the best job opportunity. Here I will tell you how it goes.

First, you need to determine what kind of job that you would like. If you have not decided it yet, you could find references throughout a company career site, your alma mater newsletter, or any other social media article. If you're happened to be a Binus University alumnus, they will share any job opportunity information through your email. During the process, you still have to mind for the requirement they need to fill in the position.

Second, if you are interest on several job opportunities then you will need to create a curriculum vitae and cover letter. In my opinion, your curriculum vitae would need to detail about yourself. But not thoroughly, just write it as points and then you have to explain it further details on interview. It is good if you have any experiences that supports the job you applied for. You also have to watch the design, there are so many websites that kindly provide creative templates. You will need to apply for the job opportunity through the company career site or email. If it is through company career site, you need to fulfill their form (and some of them will ask for your portfolio and linkedIn account). If you're happened to have senior or relative on the same company, you may ask him if they could give you a referral.

Third, wait. If they are in urgent, then they will reach you within a week. But if it's not, you will need to wait a month long or probably longer. For your information, if you applied for the multinational company they would not inform you anything if they find your cv not suitable for their requirement.

: Be aware if you receive a call from unknown number. If you picked it up, you will have to wait until he mention his name, company, and intention. Sometimes, they will email the details on initial process.

Fourth, receive their response. Their first response would be asking you for online test (in this case because I'm a programmer, I need to solve some cases). There are Hackerrank and Codility for solving the cases, but for other circumstances they would like to ask you to build a simple application. They will provide the mockup design, API docs, and specification.

Fifth, interview! You need to do the interview once or twice, it would depend on the company regulation. What to do to prepare the interview?
  • You need to do research about the company. At least, you have to know a bit of what precisely the company does, or their core business.
  • Learn about cases. You might be asked to solve a case manually (I mean write a code on a piece of paper). The interviewer will examine your algorithm.
  • Prepare your self introduction. It's easy, but somehow if you do not prepare it carefully, you will forget to explain some critical point.
  • Prepare the reason why you're interested with their job opportunity or company, and why you're worth it to be selected.
  • Print out the cv, cover letter, grade, and education certificate. As for me, I also have the printed copy of my identification card and formal photos which always standby in my wallet.
  • Dress formally. Check your closet and find the best outfit. If you have no formal outfit, you might need to buy it beforehand or borrow it from your relatives. If you're a lady, you probably need to pay attention how is your make up, better go with fresh natural make up.
Fashion Guide:
You could wear semi-formal outfit, and make sure you're comfortable with it. For ladies, you could wear either shirt or blouse as long as it is neat and polite. You do not have to wear your skirt if it feels annoying. Some of you might took public transportation to the venue and it would be more comfortable to use a pair of trousers. Last but not least, watch your shoes! It does not have to be heels or a new pair, but make sure to clean it beforehand.
  • Check the location. If you never been there, you have to check the maps. And if you are using public transportation, you will need to find the information online or ask your friend who happened to work around the area. For your information, commuter line provides the schedule on their website.
  • Pray and calm down. It is normal to feel nervous, but do not let it take over your mind during the process. You have to stay focus, and do not forget to smile.
Tips: You have to poop and pee before the interview! The air conditioner might be too cool to handle.

Sixth, hope for good news. They will inform you within two weeks after the last interview, probably earlier or longer. You could negotiate the compensation they offered considering your professional experience.

If you find any questions from this article, you may ask me through comment field or email.
I hope the best for you and good luck!

Fortunately, there is a job opportunity at my current office. For further detail, click here.