Yunita Andini is the author of this blog. She loves to tell her daily life story to her mother, but sometimes her mother gets annoyed because she tells never ending story. No! No repetition, just because she tells every detail things happen on that day. She may annoying, but she is true to herself. She is currently in her 21, but if you had met her earlier you would expect her to be a high schooler.

She reconstructed the idea of this blog. This blog active ever since 2011, through high school IT project. She once had no idea what to post in this blog, but now she made her mind and try to renew the blog. Digitizing her voice dairy seems kinda hard to try, but she will give it a shot! She is a college student major in Computer Science, and now she is an mobile application programmer intern in IT startup. A year before she starts the internship, she was an Editor in Chief in her major organization. She found the passion of writing from her journalist dad.

Dini used to like write a mini story which she could not decide the ending. Ever try to write a novel, but somehow she was too lazy to continue. She is dedicated, but not strong enough. She tried so many paths since young. Drawing, dancing, choir, chess, drama, pencak silat, swimming, and even math olympiad but now being a programmer. Many paths seems did not work well, so she decided to just go with the flow and try to enjoy what is in front of her.