22 July 2017


Last year, I began the adventure with two other guys. On that time I was like highly motivated to move to other field as far as I could. Application Developer is one of the job that the most I anticipate. I was never find it fun to code, till I began to know it here.

I learned about Javascript, Java (for Android), and Swift on the first quarter and then move to an Android project. Time flies and three of us has different path, and I stay as Android Developer. Time flies again and then I started to handle iOS project. Now that my internship has ended, I became Mobile Application Developer (handle both Android and iOS with its native programming language).

Yes, I'm a programmer. But my cousins said like they are in disbelief and they told me that they would believe if I say something else like a doctor or an architect. Guys, please you do not how it is to survive in the past 3.5 years to overcome the obstacle just to become an applied science bachelor.

For my thesis, I've designated to team up with them too! Yeah, my college term allows us to do thesis within team with maximum number of three students. All of my thesis preparation went well because there is no significant obstacle as we came up with our company project. My thesis is about Online Invitation for Android and Web, which you can invite, communicate, even photo-sharing with your guests. But there is a huge obstacle between us to finish the thesis. It is never been easy to work in a team if you have no trust. Once I tried to trust my friend, he was almost kinda ruin our thesis. Because the due time is coming closer the tension became higher and I find it so hard to trust him again, but I had to. Then I found my self can not be trusted either. It was a misunderstanding, but it leads my friend to re-do all the works he has done. My bad, sorry for that! Lastly, the only guy who never made mistake before...forgot to bring his documents right on our submission day.

We all come to an understanding, that we're merely just an ordinary college student who sometimes do mistake.

Then we regain our trust each other in order to complete the revision...and we did it! We sacrificed our time, money, and any other guilty-pleasure during the process but it's worth it. Thank you for all the attention, spirit, and pray during the process! I want to tell you, there is no perfect team. Your tolerance, trust, and hard work to collaborate which made it perfect.

Talking about team, the team I was working with during my internship is amazing. Like, you can learn, discuss, and share on the same time! Actually, I learned a lot from them. At the initial point of my internship, I was kinda hard to believe that I had to spend a year to code and it is hard to adjust the coding culture. I have to admit it, I'm not a fast-learner when I'm not into it. Still rejecting my destiny here, but I need to keep up with other pace. Fortunately, the mobile (both Android and iOS) is something similar with the Computer Vision class, it uses layout and class to define its action.

Come to think of it, I never mentioned anything about coding on my blog. Since Karlie Kloss empower girls with her class #KodeWithKlossy, I was encouraged to bring it up here. Proudly say, I'm a woman who code. But there is nothing to be proud of actually, still on infinite learning process. There will always be something new to learn. I can not imagine how the technology progresses in the future. Sometimes, it frightened me. You know sometimes cartoon movies describe the future with robotic invasion. OMG, just realized that I was too much consume the cartoons.

Android and iOS have the same development pattern which help me to understand faster than web development. I confronted the backend once and it's a whole different things to handle. Here, I also learned about time management, speak up your ideas, and communicate with client. There are also another activities which took place sometimes in office hour and sometimes after office hour like playing games, watching movies, sports activity, and gathering to Bandung!

at Trans Studio, Bandung

at Dusun Bambu, Lembang

How are you?

I was on Artificial Intelligence specialization when I decided to follow my university's program to be an intern. It was my dream to create something that would be helpful for humanity. Could Baymax be the example? But then I realize that would be a rough path to walk on. Sometimes, you just need to pull back. That is not the only option to determine what you would become someday. It will be a long long journey, since AI still limited in developing country. In order to get things back, I need to go to superpower country. It would be awesome if dream do come true.

For your information, I never regret to be accepted as an intern here. I never planning to become an application developer especially mobile, but sometimes the path you took will lead you to a certain point that you would find what you're meant to be. Is it right for me to talk about this one? Not sure. I'm still young and would love to explore things that I never knew before. So do you. Your environment will somehow encourage you to do things they thought you would be good at. But you're the only one who know the truth whether you're capable or not. Stay true to yourself, and be brave to take risk.

With love, Dini.