20 August 2016

Malang: Candi Badut

"Candi Badut"
Have u ever heard that? Maybes yes to 'diligent' student which is remember every detail in historical text book. My aunt or as I call her "Mbak Sari" didn't know that this temple exists in Malang city. However, the location is no longer in city area. That day we use Waze, a map application, to help us reach our destination. When we arrive, the temple area is completely empty. Empty of tourist, i mean. Only several people at the post. Several students from college and the real keepers. At first, the college's student offer us the guidance about the history about this temple, but we refuse. Considering that we need to take 'us' time to exploring the candi. But no longer after we read the information board, we're getting confused of several unseen text and unclear meaning of the word. Then we ask the college student to tell more about this temple.

They told about this temple, but I already forgot it -_-

When we reach the inside of the temple, suddenly the rain pour down. Then we ran to the post. But after a minute the sun shine again. And this time, a group of elementary school student entering the temple area. They were led by the teacher. They made joke about this temple's name. 'Badut' has same pronunciation with 'clown' in bahasa. They shout out that inside this temple there are lot of 'Badut'.

I invite these kids to take picture together. But after that they follow me wherever I go. They also made a pose behind my back in every photo I took. Then, they went home without told me how can I send these pictures. Nah, kiddo.....