13 August 2016

Malang: Museum Angkut+

"It's been so long.....
.....that I haven't seen your face"

Another hi! I've been travelling to many places recently. I was on trip to Malang by economic train named Matarmaja (180k IDR, because of holiday season) from Senen Train Station. It was my very first time ride boarding on economic train. And it was also my very first time visiting Senen Train Station. Since it wasn't my only experience (but also my dad), my dad asked my aunt to escort me until boarding. I was truly impressive about the online ticketing! Recently, KAI has launched mobile app (named KAI Access which is you can download it through Google Play Store for Android users) to help the future passenger to book their seat online. That means, we don't have to in line to buy the ticket. You can book it through neither web nor mobile app. You can also choose your preference seat number even the carriage number. My advice, if you don't have registered internet banking you'd prefer book by mobile app. Because after you book, you must pay within 3 hours and if you haven't registered internet banking that means you have to reach nearby ATM. This app friendly enough for you whose less familiar of new technology. And for more info, that this online booking only for inter-provincial (or ticket price above 30k IDR).

I passed the checking area, while my aunt was shout it out loud that I need to take care of my belonging on board and to take care of my self. Embarrassing! But, thanks anyway to stay little longer till the time to boarding. Successfully I found my seat! I was actually half-mistaken to come from front door, because my seat actually located near the back door.  There was already a middle-aged man who sat next to the window, which is supposed to be my seat. But he acted like a kind-hearted man allowed me to sit there. HUFF. I chose that seat by the way! But it was alright since he was nice, chatting to me to comfort our situation. Even though he was surprised about my reason to Malang. Yeah, it seems non sense. I admit it. But still, he didn't mind any longer. The lack of economic train that it's have so many station to stopped by. I was always waken up hearing the locomotive's bell. Such annoying!

On my first day of arrival, i ask my cousins, or my aunt and uncle exactly, to go to Museum Angkut+. For ticket price info, you probably click here. At first, I have no idea what's inside this museum. I only knew it from several photos on Instagram. Fyi, this museum is transportation museum. That means, this museum collect a lot of transportation which has been used all this time from around the world. In this museum, you'll totally forget that you're in Batu, Malang. Yeah, they designed the room in detail. First, when you enter the museum it was completely like the ballroom filled in by any transportation.

Then when you're upstair you'll feel like you were in Java area. Many traditional transportation here and of course each traditional transportation has its own background based the reality. Could you spot me there? Somewhere above the cow... Somewhere beside a kid... Or my camouflage seems awesome?

This upstair level has a balcony that contains rocket! You have to climb up! But you don't need to worry, they offers the ladders. Not literally 'a ladder', but they provide seems like a space with trellis and ladder inside. Above, you could see Batu landscape. I could see the Bianglala of Alun-Alun for sure! But unfortunately that day seems so gloomy, perhaps it was the after effect of heavy rain. So I could not clearly catch the fascinating of sight-seeing. My uncle and I gave it a shot. It's nice that he was so kind to follow my advice for his pose in this picture.

Next to the traditional area, there's more likely science experimental section. I don't pay any attention for this section cause I've visit science museums since elementary school. When you walked till the end of the rooms, there is another outdoor section. It's Batavia! I feel like "um, I just got here and now I suddenly back home". Batavia is no longer only the Jakarta Kota train station, Sunda kalapa harbour, but also the chinese ethnic. In this section, this bike caught my attention successfully. I was speechless thinking this formation could not be real! Of course, this is just another attraction they provide.

Furthermore, you're in united states.

Then united kingdom, wanna take picture like the beatles on Abbey Road? There you are.

And what about the Buckingham Palace?

And of course, you got to see the Queen!

These section and the transportation seems unorganized well, i mean that sometimes when you feel like you're out of united states section, and already feel like in united kingdom but then the next section is just continuing the united states section.

The last but not least is Europe! There's cafe exterior and Eiffel! Yup, Eiffel ala-ala which is stand in the indoor room with the light bulb.

Overall, it's nice to get here. For instagram photos, i recommend to you capture the outdoor area. Since the indoor is too 'dark'. You know TMII in east Jakarta? It's more like TMDI "Taman Mini Dunia Indah" xoxo.