27 August 2016

Malang: Coban Rondo

Next is Coban Rondo. Coban Rondo is the name of the waterfall near Pujon, after Batu. Actually, Coban Rondo located in recreation park which has maze, and other games before the location of the waterfall. But, we didn't explore the other cause we thought after we reach the waterfall, we could go back and we're wrong. The pathway back from the waterfall led us to the exit way.

Welcome to Coban Rondo.....

And along path to the waterfall there were monkeys. Because the forest where the waterfall is their habitat. They were so fat and agile. Many tourist fed them with food either they brought from home or bought from the food stall near the entry gate. The seller will remind you to keep your food inside your bag. This way, you could attract monkey to come one by one or just wait still until you gave them food. Otherwise, in case you just holding all food in your hand they probably attack you in one shot. And that's all, you could not force them to stay with you any longer. You just have to hold the food and they will took it fast. In a blink of eye, the food in your eye would be disappear. And it's hard to take the video, because I was solo-fighter. Yes, both my uncle and aunt are scare to take a closer look. Whenever a monkey reach within 8m, they just run away. I was hardly had a conversation with these monkey, like "Please take a look at my camera, I want to take a picture so badly". The first monkey seems to understand what I am saying. But he doesn't think of group selfie, so whenever I tried to collect our picture, he just sway his head to another direction...

and...here is the Coban Rondo Waterfall! The waterfall is easy to reach from the land, different from the waterfall in Tretes I used to go. Actually there was also a maze! But, I thought after waterfall, I still go back to the maze, but I was wrong. The exit path is different from entrance. So the path lead us directly to exit gate.

From Pujon to Malang, we took a break at Batu. We had lunch in a canteen near alun-alun. After that, we had a relax a bit in alun-alun. Nice weather that day, so much different when I went to Museum Angkut+. I do not forget to take a group selfie. Hardly to open our eyes from the sunlight.