7 December 2016

Bandung: MonCherie

This ice cream store located at Wira Angun - Angun, in a place named Taman Tengah. Taman Tengah is a place for several mini stores with semi-outdoor dining place among those stores.

Signature Style: Red Velvet

Signature Style: Choco Mint

Signature Style: Cotton Candy

They offers ice cream is good, but they lack of waitress. So, you have to wait one by one for menu to come to your table because there was only one person to serve. You could enjoy your ice cream on the bench in the dining table which is located right at the center among the stores.

In Taman Tengah, besides Mon Cherie, there is also store who offers rice and other meal, barbershop, and coffee shop. They got unique ideas, and unique exterior. I only had a chance to try their sweets. I really love the ambiance there, feel comfy to have a chit chat with friends. Feels like you're in home terrace with those trees and transparent ceiling above. Best hours to hang around 4 p.m. when the sun is not shining too bright and the breeze definitely!

Price range starts from 20,000 IDR because there is promo Buy 3 For 4. The waitress is kind and friendly.

*All pictures shown above taken by Samsung Galaxy A8 and edited using Snapseed