30 November 2016

Bandung: Arromanis

Arromanis. One of ice cream store located at Jalan Wira Angun-Angung, Bandung city. This place has interested creative strategy which is they offer menu for short-term sales. So, their customers would never get bored by their menu. But sometimes, they keep the best-seller one for future term.

This corner is kinda cute because from the outside, its just look like a warm-homey house. They had totally twist visual inside. For the cashier, they put the refrigerator altogether in one area and cute decoration. Not only ice cream, they offer cupcake and any other sweet cakes.

I tasted their bubble gum ice cream in cup which is turns out too sweet for me. But they had this (me likey) crunchy topping and marshmallow on top of it. They also offer froyo (re: Frozen Yoghurt), kinda suites my taste bud, but my friend says "just like J.Cool".

They have cozy place to hang around, but they close too early (around 10 p.m.) for saturday night. Price range starts from 30,000 IDR (for ice cream). Worth to try, fellas!

*All pictures shown above taken by Samsung Galaxy A8 and edited using Snapseed