23 June 2017


Strawberry Cheesecake by The Harvest (round 20cm)

Ohello! It's been a long time since I post the last article, and I decided to post about my birthday as comeback article.

Thank you for my family, Ditha, cousins, Chan (my junior high squad), and co-workers at DSS for your surprises, I'm so thankful that you guys care about me. Thank you for all of you who gave best wishes for me and may all the good deeds return in your favor. Seriously, I find it hard to express how thankful and grateful I am having you all in my life. I've always been a high-maintenance one, but you guys still stay by my side despite my bad and I could not ask for more. Each one of you has your own color that coloring my life.

Blackforest by Holland Bakery
Oreo Cheesecake by Tous les Jours
Yessshhh, I turned to 22 by this year! Time flies so fast right, I was like "Did not I just graduate from high school, did I?". But still, I have not attended the graduation yet (will be on August 1).

From January till this June a lot of things happened. I have finished my internship by the end of February and started my career as mobile developer on March. My team and I successfully overcome our differences and any other obstacles together to complete our thesis on time. Gratefully announce that I successfully completed my bachelor degree last March and it turned out as my main reason to take hiatus. I want to thank people that also spare their time to come for my thesis defense. You know, I'm starting to feel like winning an OSCAR thanking people over and over again. Thanks guys, you rock! Even Ditha sent me a package of sash and roses, how lovely! I posted the photos on my Instagram account, here.

Ah! I went to Semarang again on April to attend Ditha's graduation. Luckily, I managed to arrived there on D-Day afternoon. Sujan came along from Solo with her bf and picked me up at the Semarangtawang Train Station. I told Ditha that I can not attend her graduation, surprisingly she believed that! So she was surprised (and cried for a while) when she saw us stood by her sister.

After Ditha's graduation, I was heading to Solo back with Sujan and her bf (because I decided to sleep at her room as always). I spent the weekend on Solo reaching out some places like Paragon Mall and La Moda Del Gelato, and on Yogyakarta reaching out some places like Taman Sari Water Castle, Tempo Gelato, and The House of Raminten! Yeah, only those three (and Bakpia Djava of course) because it's a day trip from Solo. Should I write an article to review those places?

May you all have luck in life, love, and after-life. Spread the love ❤