3 September 2016

Malang: Batu Secret Zoo

Yep! Batu Secret Zoo. Have u ever heard it? Of course you are!
This zoo unlikely others. They're more attractive and modern. Before you enter the zoo, you have to pass the water splash in order to kill any bacteria that would infect the animals. The differences between batu secret zoo and other zoo are the stage of the animals, playground, and path walk. The zoo is soooo huge. The cage of the animals are in section and in order. For example, after the entry gate you'll see the monkeys. After that you'll see the lemurs. These section are in order, that means you should follow the direction. In fact, you could go back but after you're inside this zoo you will wonder what is next.

Like he is after bath and drying his body under the sun light...

What i'm waiting for to see is the tiger! For your information, several animals are free to feed. But remember, that you can not feed as you want. The food is already put right in front their cage. Especially for the wild animal, their keeper will offer you their food on their own. Like this.....

and you are not done yet if you're not taking picture with the beautiful parrots...

And here they're..... safari tour on the train! Hell yeah, the route is to feed the 'tame' one. But not too tame, they're in hunger! They will seek for your carrot! Watch out! Even if you point one of them to catch your carrot, but still watch behind. The others can smell it too. I had experienced that! While I was looking attention to the camel of the side-left, then suddenly the camel of the side-right crane his neck through the other passengers on our carriage. Of course, the passengers were shouted out loud. And the guide were told me to just give the carrot away.

And there are more attraction beside this train. There are horror house and then the walrus and other adrenaline vehicle.

I feel like I already at the end of the zoo, but I still can not find the lion. But before you exit the zoo you still have to walk the exit way. And there are the lions. I want to take picture with the lions :( In my way before there were several photo booth to take picture with the animals, but they were closed because of the weekday. And finally at the last moment, there sleep baby tiger. The keeper told me to just relax by rubbing its fur. Then I rubbed it. After several second the baby were awaken. Seriously? YEAH. REALLY HAPPENED. The the keeper told me to stay calm behind. And yeah, that no matter how I rub, he will just awake and I have to stay calm while rubbing its back.

And finally..... We're done with the zoo. Before went home, we also took picture outside the building of the animal museum.