5 November 2016

JCool: Matcha Yoghurt

Sharing size with toppings: Kiwi, Grape, and Granola

JCo. serves yoghurt ice cream as JCool. They served plain yoghurt, but today I pay a visit and surprisingly they served matcha yoghurt as well. They claimed it 0% fat. The taste of matcha is not that strong, just soft and kinda plain tho. But who could resist temptation of matcha yoghurt?

And for the topping, they also offers new variant: Granola!

Single (1 topping - 26,000 IDR)
Couple (2 toppings - 38,000 IDR)
Sharing (3 toppings - 47,000 IDR)
JCool To Go (4 toppings - 60,000 IDR)

Further info click here.