16 November 2016

Semarang Travel Guide

I would like to share you what should you do and where should you go while traveling in Semarang! Semarang is a capital city of Central Java. I know when you're having lot of time to spend, you have no money. But when you have money, you don't have time. I figured it out that 3-day of short getaway is more than enough for you to take a break from your routines.


As I list the listed below, I also calculate the route. So, I just wrote down based on the best route that I would thought of.

Day 1
(If you're happen to be in Semarang via Ahmad Yani International Airport, you just happen to be close to these points of interest)

1. Sam Poo Kong

Courtesy of Tandins

If you want to take pictures in this site, better for you to visit early in the morning like 9.00 AM. The sun brights clearly towards you so you won't run out of light. Sam Poo Kong is the oldest temple in Semarang, and established by a Chinese Moslem Explorer named Zheng He. In here, you would like to spend around 2 hours to get nice photo without photo-bomber. Much tourist who travel to Semarang have Sam Poo Kong in their bucketlist.

2. Lawang Sewu

Courtesy of Seputarsemarang.com

This ex-train station, well-known for its creepy story. If you're freaked out to visit at night, you'd better come in mid-day. You've never been to Semarang if you miss this historical site. For night journey, it is open for tourist before 9 PM. Prove your adrenaline here!

3. Simpang Lima

Courtesy of Wikipedia.org

There is five different routes in this "simpang". Popular bakery named Istana Brilliant located in one of the corner. If you're happen to visit this popular attraction at night, there are several bicycle renter with light bulb. Perhaps you want to take a ride by a bicycle?

4. Warung Dimsum Hotel Horison

Courtesy of Initempatwisata.com

It is located in first floor of Horison Hotel. This restaurant serves various kind of dimsum. Decorated just like oriental culture with low-lights and warm. They opened till late-night by the way! The taste is worthy as the price. Altho there are dimsum restaurant at your region, try this dimsum while you're hanging around Simpang Lima.

Day 2
(If you're happen to be in Semarang via Semarang Tawang Railway Station, you just happen to be close to these points of interest)

1. Kota Lama

Every city has its own history. And old town has all past memories and heritage. In Semarang Old Town, you would never get bored to took pictures. There is also Blenduk church, one of the main attraction in Semarang. And you could have your lunch in Spiegel Bar and Resto! They had best gelato in Semarang old town. If you're happen to this site to just have a comfy convo, just stay at Tekodeko Koffiehuis. Feel like you're at home.

2. Great Mosque of Central Java

Courtesy of Nationalgeographic.co.id

You know Nabawi Mosque? Yeah, this great mosque have similar exterior. Not the mosque, but the big umbrella on the terrace. If you're a moslem, you should give it a try to pray in this mosque within your journey. Thanks god, that you still have a breath and a chance to visit such a beautiful city.

3. Pasar Semawis

Courtesy of Hellosemarang.com

Chinese invasion in many region, so you would jsut come to China Town to have a tasty meal in cheaper way. Here, there is food carnival which only open on Saturday night and Sunday night. There is so much food stall along the street. Some of them sold pork. Do not forget to watch out your belonging.

Day 3
(If you're happen to be back home on the third day, you'd like to bring some souvenir or traditional food of Semarang)

1. Pagoda Avalokitesvara

Courtesy of Tandins
One of the popular site in Semarang who break MURI Records for the highest Pagoda for 45 metres!

2. Nestcology Land of Gastronomy

Courtesy of Seputarsemarang.com
This restaurant was a hype! Owned by son of Bunda Anne Avantie, contemporary kebaya pioneer in Indonesia. They serves good food, altho it's a bit pricey.

3. Souvenir

Courtesy of Agenkuliner.com

If you'd like to buy traditional food from Semarang, you would like to buy their milkfish especially Juwana. But in order to get what you want, do not ever to buy it at night you might be disappointed because the fish was ran out of stock. Or perhaps lumpia. But if you'd like to bring lumpia home, make sure that you'd go home on the same day. Lumpia doesn't survive that long.


In Semarang, you could go anywhere by taxi in cheap cost. If you're traveling non-stop by a day and by a group, I would recommend you to rent a car. So you don't need to waste your time by waiting for you taxi to come. For renting a car, you need to look for service review first, in order you would enjoy your traveling. Make sure everything in detail, like total cost, driver fee, driver tip, driver pocket money, cut-off hour, and car condition.