9 November 2016

Jogja Travel Guide

I would like to share you what should you do and where should you go while traveling in Jogja! Jogja is a culture city, you would miss to came by this city again. All the food, the people, its heritage...and so on. I figured it out that 4-day of short getaway is not enough to explore this city, but more than enough to release your pressure.


As I list the listed below, I also calculate the route. So, I just wrote down based on the best route that I would thought of.

Day 1
(If you're happen to be in Jogja via Tugu Yogyakarta Railway Station)

08.00 AM - Departure by train (Ticket price: 700,000 IDR (return))
It's nice to visit Yogyakarta by train. If you're budget traveller, you'd prefer this kind of transportation as well. You know, the train station located in the heart of Yogyakarta. Just few meters from Malioboro Street. Different from Adisucipto International Airport, which is located near Prambanan temple and kind of far away from downtown. For seat reservation, I would like to book via their mobile application named KAI Access. KAI Access allows you to check their schedule and seats availability. You could also choose your carriage, seat position, and your payment whether it's KlikPay BCA, VISA/MASTER/JCB, or ATM/Payment Point. Isn't that cool? You do not need to wait in-line to buy the tickets. Later, you only need to print out the ticket when you're about to depart at the train station.

03.35 PM - Arrival at Tugu Yogyakarta Railway Station
Nearby the Tugu Yogyakarta Railway Station, there is a hotel named POP! Hotel Gandekan Lor. It's safer to stay at hotel which located near train station/bus station/airport. So you do not need to worry about traffic jam while you're departing.

03.45 PM - Check-in at POP! Hotel Gandekan Lor

Courtesy of booking.com

I was looking for hotel in cheap cost, but provide debit payment. I do not have any credit account yet, so I would like to pay cash or debit. Then here I am, looking at their website and they allowed to book via debit payment. Their rate when I was try to book is 550,000 IDR/night. Further information, kindly check their website here.

05.00 PM - Playground Cafe Jogja by Tiga Tjeret

Courtesy of cupcakerinamutz.blogspot.co.id

I've been visiting Playgrond Cafe in Solo, it's nice place to hang around. They serves various kind of food which is easy to find along the Jogja street foodstall, named Angkringan. Angkringan is place where you could find rice and side dish in smaller portion. Beside foods, they also provide place to hang out. Especially in Jogja, they had outdoor dining room. If you're happen to be in Jogja and won't go to Solo, worth to try!

Day 2

09.00 AM - Hutan Pinus Imogiri

Courtesy of kumpulanalamatpenting.blogspot.com

This pine forest provides you scenic background of pines. You could just walking around the forest, or just take time to enjoy the view, wind, and sound. There is no entrance ticket, just parking fee 4,000 IDR/car and 2,000 IDR/motorcycle. The access is kinda difficult, because there are no public transportation passing through the road.

12.00 PM - Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo

Courtesy of 1001.com
Here, you would love to experience sand surfing. The ticket price is cheap only 3,000 IDR and they rent the board for 200,000 IDR/person/2hours (meet minimum requirement of 6 people).

03.00 PM - Kalibiru

Courtesy of paketwisatajogjasmart.com
Besides in Malang, there is public attraction like that in Yogyakarta named Kalibiru. In Kalibiru, you'd climb a tree house where you could see the scenic view from above. The breathtaking view is the main attraction. People would love to see the harmony between the sky and the ground but no skyscraper building at all which is hardly to meet in capital city. Although this will challenge your adrenaline to climb such stair, you'd be pay off with the scenery you'll see up there. Entrance ticket: 15,000 IDR

06.00 PM - Kalimilk

Courtesy of Kalimilk.co.id

When you had Mommilk in Solo, you will have Kalimilk in Yogyakarta.

07.00 PM - Alun-alun Kidul

Courtesy of Telusurindonesia.com
Wandering Yogyakarta late-night riding a traditional transportation decorated by light bulb at Alun-Alun Kidul would be unforgettable.

Day 3

09.00 AM - Nglambor Beach

Courtesy of Indonesia.tripcanvas.co
Here is one of the beautiful beaches that located in South Yogyakarta. As you know, the coast line of South Yogyakarta meets Indian Ocean. No pain no gain, would suits how hard you reach this beautiful beach. From car park, you have to walk or rent a resident's motorbike. For surfing rent, it cost 55,000 IDR/person

05.00 PM - Prambanan (Ticket price: 30,000 IDR)

Courtesy of onexplore-travel.com
Enjoying beautiful sunset and beautiful historical site altogether which is make a perfect harmony.

07.30 PM - House of Raminten

They serves food like Angkringan as well, and they had cabaret show.

Day 4
09.00 AM - Taman Sari

Courtesy of tripdjogja.com
This site has been used long time ago as a bathing place. Provides you unique historical point of view.

11.00 PM - Tempo Gelato

Courtesy of Akbrod.wordpress.com
They say best gelato in town. For you who love dessert especially gelato, I figured it out that this place is a must-visit!

01.00 PM - Gudeg Yu Djum

Courtesy of Gudegyudjumpusat.com
Come far away to Yogyakarta, you have to taste its traditional recipe.

04.00 PM - Ratu Boko

Courtesy of Yogyakarta.co
Enjoying the sunset from Ratu Boko would be worth it. Imagine what scenery will you get, while climbing those stairs. If you're happen to have weak-leg (likely had leg cramps) better for you to wear sneakers or stick the hot patch instead.

07.00 PM - Malioboro

Courtesy of Yogyakarta.co
You would like to buy souvenirs, here come the best place to buy. If you're happen to ask for cheaper price, then ask politely. Not all the seller are willing to down their price. Watch out for the pickpocket!

And that's all for 4 days getaway, you would love to be back home by mid-night flight right?