26 October 2016

Bandung: Lawangwangi Creative Space

Lately creative space were built permanently in lone building. Many artist are allowed to show their masterpiece off of the visitor. Even right now there is a space which could contains art, stage performance, even meeting room. All it has to do just build a building which has rooms. The rooms are free to be decorated as rent of course.

The drawings behind me made of Lapindo Mud
For thesis, Sujan would like to create a community creative space so she indeed need an inspiration. When we decided to go to Bandung, Sujan looking for creative space throughout search engine: Google. There are several creative space in Bandung beside Lawangwangi Creative Space, there is Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, and Mimiti Coffee and Space. But because limited time, we only could visit Lawangwangi Creative Space.

There is a room for art exhibition, we shall not take picture with flash. There are arts painted by drawing pen, so there is only one color. The artist made it with pattern which made it cool, and which made it super cool is the huge size of canvas!

Courtesy of Song Sujan

In Lawangwangi beside creative space, there are store named "Tuku" and cafe upstairs. Because we already filled our stomach, so we just had snack here. We ordered a pizza!

Meat Lover Pizza(65,000 IDR)

In outdoor area of this coffee shop there is balcony and semi-long deck and people attracted to take picture there because of the scenery: Bandung's view from Top!