19 October 2016

Bandung: Dusun Bambu

Dusun Bambu is one of the family restaurant located in Lembang. I do not know when exactly this restaurant opened for public, because I think I never heard any information about this from media. I just saw from people who shares his/her photo on social media. It is located like deep in Lembang hill, much far away than Sapulidi. I feel like the direction that lead us to Dusun Bambu is a dead-end. And it's true, the path that we've been through surpass the main gate of Dusun Bambu (P1) and lead us to the parking lot (P2 & P3).

When you stepped out of your car, you'll lose your balance. Because the road is tilted around 30 degree! I do not know exact number, but I think that makes sense. If you park your car downside, then you might find it hard to reach the shuttle stop. Yes, there is shuttle stop which is going to deliver you to the main restaurant. To get inside Dusun Bambu, you have to buy entrance ticket for 20,000 IDR (weekend price). Printed on the ticket there is information that you'll have a chance to exchange 2 (two) tickets for a mineral water or plant seed. There is in line to wait for the shuttle arriving. Fortunately, there are many shuttle operated so we don't have to wait that long. Riding the open air shuttle on mid-day is refreshing! Like you'll never get this chance in capital city. Plus they decorated the shuttle with bright colors, how cute.

Open-air Shuttle
In Dusun Bambu there are several attraction, but I attracted to three main restaurants: Purbasari, Lutung Kasarung, and Burangrang.

1. Purbasari

Purbasari is restaurant which is have the form of closed saung which each saung surround a lake. We didn't had a chance to visit this restaurant because of bad weather. Yeah, rain start pouring when we had our lunch.

2. Lutung Kasarung

Lutung Kasarung is a restaurant which is have a form of bird cage. To experience eat in a bird cage, you had to pay for 100,000 IDR for small room/hour and 150,000 IDR for medium room/hour. I want to know how it feels dining inside the bird cage, but somehow I couldn't find their menu book so I decided to eat in Burangrang cafe which has their menu book in front of the entrance.

3. Burangrang

Burangrang is a restaurant which is have one main building. There is indoor for non smoking and outdoor for smoking area. But, I don't think it's best idea, because they have no air conditioner yet they had their window opened up. Fact is smoking area is where non-smoking people could not criticized smoking people, and non-smoking area is where non-smoking people could criticized smoking people.

Burangrang had their group performer! They are quite unique with good vocal of course. They amuse visitors with their music. In lunch time, they itinerate from one table to another. Asking for music recommendation or invite visitor to sing along. When the group performing right beside our table, all of sudden a bunch of kid gather around and dancing along! I thought I would get a quite lunch, but no because of the 'mini gathering'. The kiddos stay on the place to sing and dance, refuse their parent to move back to their table. Some parent ask the performer to perform right beside their table while singing children song. Interesting.

Burangrang serves Indonesian food. The waiter/waitress is friendly enough, but I think they need to hired more waiters/waitresses. They were everywhere but kinda take a long enough time to get their attention. They were too busy serving food and clean the table up.

Ayam Kampung Penyet (65,000 IDR)
 Ayam Kampung Penyet contains white rice, fried chicken, fried tempe, fried Bandung tofu, eggplant, and chili paste.

Nasi Timbel Super Komplit (60,000 IDR)
Nasi Timbel Super Komplit rate 4 out of 5. This menu contains Timbel rice, fried chicken, tempe bacem, bacem tofu, salted fish, sayur asem, crackers, and chili paste. The chicken texture is tender even some of their bone slink in the flesh, and their tempe is juicy.

Nasi Goreng Kampung (48,000 IDR)
Nasi Goreng Kampung contains of fried rice, chicken satay, and crackers. They had big slices of chicken satay and it's great. But somehow their rice texture and taste is below expectation. I would prefer to fried rice in Warung Tekko.

And for beverage, I was interested in their watermelon frozze. And when I tasted it, I love it. It's really refreshing. Sweet but not too thick, so doesn't bother your throat (you know when you're drinking milk or chocolate you kinda need mineral water after drinking it).

Price + 300,000 IDR for 2 people
Food 3.2 out of 5,
Service 3.7 out of 5,
Ambiance 4.7 out of 5