1 October 2016

Semarang: Place to Eat

I spent my days in Semarang for four days, so at least I have to eat 6 times!

1. Chicken Rice (in front of Telogorejo Hospital)

In my first day, I had my dinner in... After dinner, we went to Paragon City Mall. You know my objective at first? To buy the soft lens container! The day before, I bought the soft lens, the staff told me that inside the box already is the container as well. But right before going to airport I unseal the box...and there is no container in it. I was sooo damn annoyed. After buying the container, I decided to buy donuts for our breakfast during our stay in Semarang. I thought that a dozen of donuts is enough for 3 mornings...but I was wrong.

2.  Spiegel Bar & Bistro

Next day, after Sam Poo Kong we headed to Spiegel Bar & Bistro in Semarang old town. The waitress who note our order is quite clumsy. When we ask for further detail of menu, she didn't know. And about the pasta we ordered, there is no exact information whether they use spaghetti, fettucini, or penne but she leaves and then coming back asking for what pasta do we want. I spoke the menu in english, but she seems hardly to understand. So when I ask for ketchup or chili sauce, I spoke to her in Bahasa, but she repeat after me in english. Dude, come on.

We wait quite long enough till our menu came out. We were in hunger, so it's supposed to be delicious. But it wasn't. The carbonara not too creamy, the pasta mussels flavorless, and the chips just too small. We are non-alcoholic, so we didn't try their alcohol drink. Spiegel is good for having little conversation perhaps with alcohol and coffee, but not their food obviously. In this cafe, there is also gelato which saved the day! The gelato is very smooth, but their portion is too small... They didn't even use a scoop. Gelato for 2 flavor costs 30,000 IDR. The bill that came out for three of us is 394,750 IDR. Although it's a bit pricey, but we had fun in their upstairs.

Top to bottom: Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Mint
3. Kampoeng Semawis

Kampoeng Semawis is one of food attraction in china town of Semarang. They sold various food alongside the street. The tenant is like a temporary booth, so it is not attached to the store behind the booth. It's very crowded, and you know food stall like this sometimes did not provide chair for us to eat. But some booth provide it, some are not. For appetizer we had this seafood satay in a cup. It costs around 5,000 IDR per stick, isn't it? Taste is good, along with the sauce.

After these satays, we also had grilled baby octopus satay, okonomiyaki, and fried squid. But we didn't have a chance to take a picture of it, they all had a very delicate fragrance that made me can't wait to eat them.

4. Bayleaf at Grand Edge

This is kind of family chinese restaurant. They had various seafood menu. I do took a picture and I updated in my path...so it was kinda messed up. The biggest plate in centre was once filled by fried kwetiau. They serves no pork, but their food is quite good. Hmm, bismillah wish all the food there is halal. You see the picture is portion for 4 people (in hunger).

5. Momoya

I thought that we had enough for lunch, but somehow dessert affection can not be denied. We shall never reject dessert. At any place, any cost. HAHA. They had smooth texture, but nothing special. I saw they had cotton candy that they customize into several animal shape. But when I browse through Instagram, they had it inconsistent. So I decided not to order it.

Matcha Soft Ice Cream with Marshmallow

Vanilla Soft Ice Cream with Mochi
Courtesy of Song Sujan

Oreo Cheese Mille Crepe
Courtesy of Song Sujan

6. Tekodeko Koffiehuis

This coffee shop as comfort as home, except that it has less sofa to sit on. Perhaps they need to add more sofa, because the ambiance is really warm. The staff is also friendly, and fast response. I love the lighting, not too light, not too dark. I would love to come back if I happened to be in Semarang!

Courtesy of Song Sujan
Sujan made a clip about our short gateway in Semarang. Honestly, I love the way Sujan shoot the moment, and then combine it in a nice way. Also she had a taste when choosing the backsound. Check this out and kindly give your thumbs up!