6 October 2016

Gading Serpong: Thai Alley

Few days before, one of my friend posted a snap of Mango Sticky Rice on Snapchat. Nowadays I felt like so many people uploaded a picture of it, am I being delusional? This Thai food had been capture my interest from long before, but I still do not think that I'm able to eat this. Somehow, I really really want to try it. Thai Alley is a best option for me, besides the location is nearby my home and my friend gave a good review of it.

In Jakarta, Thai Alley open it's branch in Mall Kelapa Gading 2, Puri Indah Mall, Pacific Place Mall, and Summarecon Mall Serpong. They had a concept of Thailand Street Food, not only the menu but also their decoration. The chair made of thick wood like they had for bench in the street, and the wall is painted like the scenery that you had when eat street food.

My first intention that I just want to order the Mango Sticky Rice because I had lunch, but after look at their menu book, their Pad Siew (or we called it by Fried Kway Teow) looks tasty. Pad Siew came out first, the aroma was great I can't help to not taste it fast. Their Pad Siew has several seafood such as shrimp, calamari, and fish meatball, what makes Pad Siew unique is they had carrot and young corn slices on top of it. Actually the Pad Siew is kinda oily, but all of the ingredients mix well so I don't bother it too much. The kway teow itself has perfect smooth texture! I'm kinda a perfectionist person, so I do not like when noodle-based food over cooked or less cooked. Actually the Pad Siew came out with its sauce, but I do not try to mix it. I tried to lick it a bit, the sauce was sour enough.

Khao Niew Mamuang / Mango Sticky Rice (45,000 IDR)

Second come Mango Sticky Rice! The waiter told us to enjoy the Mango Sticky Rice first before the sticky rice become cold and hard to chew. The mango Thai Alley has is also a fresh one. I do not know whether the put the mango in somewhat to make it last freshening, but the fresh Mango is works out well with hot sticky rice. I do not think that Mango goes well with sticky rice, but unpredictably it works. Sujan said, "Like fries with ice cream, different yet delicious".

Price + 300,000 IDR for 2 people
Food 4.2 out of 5,
Service 4 out of 5,
Ambiance 3.7 out of 5