8 October 2016

Traveller Tips

First, if you're a new traveller consider yourself as a noob. You're mentally sane if you're thinking that way, which means you're open minded to gather much information before your first flight. Fact is, this tips is open to many traveller, but as a solo traveller you need to prepare everything by yourself carefully.

1. Decide your destination

First, of course you have to decide your destination. Whether it's local or abroad, you have to decide where you're going. As a solo traveller, you might think that going solo will be more flexible so you just need to prepare your finance but it's a big no. Knowing your destination and you're ready to know where to visit. If you have not decided where to go, you might be thinking two or three other destination as your option but you might loss time to arrange your plan in detail (if you had already decide certain date to go). So, decide the destination as early as possible.

Decided your destination so early will also give you benefit. Early bid price much more cheaper, and you might get other discount. You still have enough time to look after better lodging with cheaper cost.

Example :
I want to go to Bandung! Bandung is a capital city of West Java in Indonesia.

2. List your must-visit place

There is so much web such as TripAdvisor that provides reviews of certain place, or many other traveller blog that update travel review, or even local netizen blog who exposed his/her town must-visit place. It's a big help for you to list your must-visit place. If you already listed it, you need to gather information its open time and location. At least you knew where you're heading, and it will helpful to arrange your plan.

If you're only have limited day-off, you can consider what to visit based its priority. Just put to high priority if you want it badly.

Example :
Must-Visit bucket list for 1-day:
1. Tebing Keraton
2. Farmhouse Lembang
3. Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park
4. Lawangwangi Creative Space
5. Selasar Sunaryo Art Space
6. Let's Go Gelato!
7. Alun-Alun + Braga
8. Paskal Hyper Point

3. Arrange your schedule

You already gathered information about your visit place, and it's time to arrange your journey. It's better for you to check each of your location address, in order to not wasting time. For example you have place A, place B, and place C. If your staying near place B and place A located in between of place C, better for you to go from place B - place A - place C. It will save your time, and you might be have enough time to visit 'unplanned' place.

Make sure you arrange your plan carefully. You must to know where do you go, how do you go, where do you stay, how long do you stay, what places you're going to visit, how is your accommodation, and how much would you spend. Your destination defines everything.

If you do domestic travel, you had so many transportation option to go! As budget traveller you might consider an economic train, but remember to make sure the journey duration itself suits you. For example, considering economic train to Malang from Jakarta for almost 17 hours with budget cost was a big no. Altho the cost way much cheaper, but you had to stay all night long because the train stopping in many stations, and your butt will hurt badly.

If you do abroad travel, make sure you had early ticket which is sold months before. You could go to travel fair, or usually they had promotion on their (airlines) mobile app.

Example :
After do some search in google for its location, I delete Tebing Keraton out of the list because the location is too far away from exit toll Pasteur
04.30 - 07.30   Start off to Bandung
08.00 - 10.00   Farmhouse Lembang (because its open time is 08.00), having milk for breakfast
11.00 - 14.00   Lunch at Dusun Bambu
15.00 - 17.00  Seeking for inspiration for Sujan's thesis at Lawangwangi Creative Space
After considering the possibility of high-traffic and unpredictable weather, I delete Selasar Sunaryo out of the list.
18.00 - 19.00   Ice cream is a must, and I found Let's go gelato is recommended.
19.30 - 21.00  City strolling to Alun-Alun (downtown) and Braga (Later, I delete this out of the bucket list due to rain weather)
21.00 - 22.00  Late-night snack in Paskal Hyper Point (Later, I delete this out of the bucket list due to full stomach)
22.00               Back off from Bandung

4. Estimate cost

Prepare your finance is a must. You have to detail every movement that you will do while traveling in estimated cost. This estimated cost will be set as your minimum budget. Don't get me wrong, you still need to prepare unpredictable cost. But you need to cash this minimum budget, so you do not need to worry about the location of ATM. The most important thing besides time, is money of course. But don't let money bother in your way. If you want traveling that much, do the budget traveling. No pain no gain. If you feel like struggle to live your life just to have luxurious traveling then don't. You could just sleep in clean motel or rent a room from local.

"If traveling was free, you'd never see me again"

Example :
Rent a car            800,000 IDR
Fuel                     200,000 IDR 
Highway toll        150,000 IDR
Farmhouse            20,000 IDR (enter ticket each person)
Dusun bambu      200,000 IDR (lunch each person)
Lawangwangi      150,000 IDR (tea-time each person)
Let's go gelato!   100,000 IDR (gelato each person)

*Because this example is prepared for 4 people, as solo traveler you might had to spend more budget, because to reach Lembang by public transportation is kind of difficult. But there is public transportation with terminal destination Ledeng - Lembang from Bandung train station.

5. Keep your stamina

Due to your off-day coming up, at least from D-7 you have to make sure to keep your stamina up. Don't stay awake until midnight, sleep well for 7 hours. Watch what you eat, don't get diarrhea. Drink more mineral water, help you to reduce possibility of sore throat.

Every moment that happens in your life is a miracle. How you suffer when you're traveling, enjoy it. You know, sometimes life doesn't goes with your expectation. There is ups and downs that makes you who you are today. If you're succeed with your first flight, then you're ready for more journey ahead!