4 October 2016

Gading Serpong: O! Fish

Recently, Dion Wiyoko (one of the owner, and Indonesian actor) opened new restaurant in Gading Serpong. I followed his Instagram account, and saw his update about this place made me wonder how would their menu taste. Actually the interior was eye-catching, it was a plus of course.

O! Fish serves various kind of sea food, such as Dory, Corbia, Salmon, Calamari, Soft Shell Crab, and Baramundi. After choose your meal, you could choose your sauce and side dish as well. The menu book was so creative and simple, so you do not need to open the menu book back and forth. Every menu was included green salad, the salad is truly green like there is no dressing. I came to O! Fish twice, and my menu still the same... Dory Pan Sear with Honey Pepper and Mix Rice! By the way, their sambal matah is good on my first visit but do not know why for my second visit all the food was so-so. My visit time is different, so I prefer night to day. Perhaps they are shifting the chef, so I would like to come if the chef is who was on duty on my first visit!

Left Bottom to Right Top:
Dory Pan Sear with Honey Pepper and Mix Rice (75,000 IDR),
Dory Pan Sear with Sambal Matah and Mashed Potato (65,000 IDR),
Fried Dory with Cream Sauce and Fries (65,000 IDR)
Their service is good. The staff are kind, and really helpful. I do not need to ask twice (for chili sauce), and they answer customer's question well. On my first visit, when the guest is not too crowded in the first floor, the staff was really nice she offers help to took picture of my friends and I.

I love the interior. I do not know whether Dion hire an interior design or not, but the wall and the furniture make a perfect colour harmony. Not only the dining room, but the restroom as well. The ceiling in the third floor also creative. When you come on mid day, the lighting was nice because of the large window surround the dining room. There is also sweet corner which is frequently use for photo shoot for costumers.

Price + 200,000 IDR for 2 people
Food 3.7 out of 5,
Service 4 out of 5,
Ambiance 4.5 out of 5

And for you who is a Dion's fans: Dion sometimes came to O! Fish and he is nice and friendly if you want to take picture together.