29 September 2016

Semarang: Must Visit Place Day 2

On next day in Semarang, I thought that it would be great to go to Ungaran. But Dithot said that it is too far away. So we decided to go to nearest place-to-go in Semarang: Pagoda Avalokitesvara. I do not know why, but our destination is rather like religion trip. Yesterday was Chinese temple, and today is Buddha pagoda. But their ethnic architecture was cool. This Pagoda gains MURI records as the highest pagoda in Indonesia (2006) for the height of 45 m.

In this pagoda, there is guide to help you to check your fortune. Simply throw hio over the air and the guide will read you the pattern of hio landed on the ground. Since our belief disbelieve such stuff, we did not give it a try. After Pagoda, time for lunch! Ditha suggested Bayleaf and we decided to try Bayleaf at Grand Edge. Bayleaf is a chinese food restaurant but serves no pork (in menu book literally). After fulfill our stomach, we still in need of dessert. Then we move to Momoya. By the way, from Semarang: Day 1, I didn't post any picture of our food because our culinary experience will be posted in single article!

Save us from food coma... After this we're going to Semarang Night Carnival 2016! I'm super excited for this. Because, as you know in Jakarta or Tangerang some kind of this carnival is rarely held. But we had to wait around 2 hours, so we still got time to have evening walk in old town. Although yesterday we were in Spiegel Bar & Bistro, but we didn't get exact sightseeing of Semarang old town. I want to see Bleduk Church as well, which is located exact in front of Spiegel Bar & Bistro (around 15 m).

Courtesy of Song Sujan

To celebrate Semarang Night Carnival, there is also booths alongside the street that sold vintage stuff, but there is also booth which sold their experimental stuff. The carnival supposed to starts around 7 but I think they delayed the costume carnival for some other reason. Rain starts pouring before the costume carnival, but then gets heavier, then gets lighter again, and statically pouring not too heavy not too light. What a mess. My feet gave up, so I decided to break a moment in Tekodeko Koffiehuis, a coffee shop which is comfortable to chit chatting with friends or colleague. The euphoria of costume carnival is lesser by the end of the street, seen like the costume carnival is provide for VIP Guest only. I'm kinda disappointed...

Courtesy of Song Sujan

After that, we decided to go to Bandeng store to fulfill my mommy's request. But then something creepy occurs when we try to find Aston hotel as a meeting point for reserved taxi. A becak driver told us the wrong direction! He told us that direction is dangerous and long path to go, so it's better to take his service. Fortunately, one of our friend major in Architecture and told Dithot and I that it's impossible if the entrance gate is not in the main street. Dithot took an action to ask police officer and another becak driver. This another becak driver seems scared of his friend but kindly told us the right path! And you know what, it is just about 30 m away. Luckily, we survived till the taxi arrive and after we got to Dithot's room, we were having Samyang parteeh!!

*Samyang is korean fried noodle which famous for its hot spicy.