10 September 2016

Malang: Place to Eat

First day of my arrival, I was served by home-made cuisine of Mbah Lies. I forgot what I ate for my dinner...

The second day, I was on culinary mode.

Jalan Raya Langsep No.60, Malang, Jawa Timur 65146
They have variety menus, but on my first visit I tried the dessert. I ordered their green tea lava cake, and Mbak Sari ordered the choco bomb. The price is quite friendly, but the taste is just so-so. Perhaps you should come here to just have a little chit-chat?

JL. Bromo, No. 1A, Klojen, Malang, 65119
This is the kind of noodle, but you can adjust the number of chili. Their first level is 12 chilies. I ordered 2 portion with 1 chili -_- I know that I'm strong, but 'cabe rawit' and I don't go together. These noodles is just awesome. I really love the texture.

On third day, before-after the Badut temple...

Jl. Kawi Atas, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65119
This is new version of meatball I've experienced. I usually eat meatball after it boiled up. This is delicious. When it comes to your mouth, the sweet from soy sauce which is permeated inside the meatball come along with the crispy-not too-crispy texture. And it was blend very well with the broth. I miss this for sure!

Jl. Kawi Atas, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur 65119
This is 'sop buah' with extended version of sop flavor. Worth to try. But the place is less cozier that I thought it might be. There is no air conditioner, and the chair is just round chair, if you bring your stuff which is hardly to sling it on your shoulder you might keep them on the floor or with another empty chair.

On the fourth day, after we traveled faraway to Coban Rondo I met up with my friends who choose to continue their study in this city. They pick us up to.....

Jalan Mundu No.18, Malang, Jawa Timur 65116
The restaurant named in korean which means "hungry?". The additional information for you that the portion in this restaurant is quite large. At first i thought that I might not be able to finish my food, but then it suddenly disappears. It's enough to fulfill your hunger with reasonable price.

And the last day of malang, I was treated by Mas Ryan. The name is "lalapan", but in here simply called by "ayam goreng" or "pecel lele". And the price is affordable! I said "Wow, it's cheap like it's impossible to have that price in Tangerang or Jakarta" Not ended by the price, the portion of the rice is so much.

And that's all culinary experience I had while in Malang.