20 September 2016

Yogyakarta: Candi Prambanan

I was riding a bus inter-provincial with Sujan as well, which only cost 20,000 IDR. The journey itself took around 2 or 3 hours. In Yogyakarta, we visited Prambanan temple. We walked quite a distance from the bus stop, but the scenery made it worthy. That time was my first to Prambanan temple. Prambanan temple was quite famous for its folktale.

The folktale tells that there lived once a princess named Roro Jonggrang and a prince named Joko Bandung from different kingdom. Both kingdom had a fight, which the prince killed the princess' father. After the winning, the prince walk in to the castle and met the princess. With the princess' beauty, the prince fell in love and propose to marry her. The princess knew that the prince who killed her father, so she made a non-sense request. She asked him to build a thousand temple in one night. Rather than refuse, the prince accept her request. Long time ago, people still believed supernatural powers. The prince believed had supernatural powers which he use to call supernatural beings in order to help him built the thousand temple. The princess shocked by their progress. She afraid that he could make it before sun rise, so she woke girls from Prambanan village up. The girls were ordered to pound the pestle. Cause of noisy sound, the chickens were crowing. The supernatural beings heard the crowing and thought that is the sign of sun rise. The prince felt being deceived, with his anger he turns the princess into huge statue. And the statue was believed to remains stand still inside the Prambanan Temple. The (almost) thousand temple was now well-known by Sewu Temple.

In Prambanan temple area there is also open-bus attraction to tourist to take a tour around the area. It was cost around 20,000 IDR. Actually, there is another option whether you walk or rent a bicycle. After that, there is also a deer park. The park was surround by fence, so if we want to feed them just feed them outside the park. Don't worry, there is also a booth who sold deer food. While we walk to the exit gate, the rain starts pouring. Luckily, there is a canteen alongside the exit gate. We ate our lunch there.

We want to buy souvenir in Malioboro, but the rain didn't stop so we decided to reserve taxi by phone call. Taxi in Solo dan Yogyakarta is unique. Each taxi is equipped by phone or distant walkie-talkie. If the passenger ask to go to certain destination, but the driver do not know which best route is, the driver could ask the operator through it. The operator could communicate with several taxi drivers and sometimes they do chit-chatting through walkie-talkie. From Prambanan to Malioboro, it costs around 100,000 IDR. In Malioboro, I was looking for Bakpia Djava. I do not know why, but I love their texture, especially the one with chocolate filling. Besides bakpia, I also look for Dagadu clothes for souvenir. You know what, we were in Yogyakarta. City full of delicious food such as gudeg, but we had McDonalds as our dinner. Pathetic.

As the night gets darker, we decided to go home. We try their motor-becak to Tugu train station. But ticket has sold out again. I wanted to try their trans bus, but it's hard to get their transaction card. The easier alternative is only one: take another taxi to the bus station. What a long long day.