27 September 2016

Semarang: Must Visit Place Day 1

For semester 6 dan 7, I decided to follow my university program to take an intern at one of IT industry. I was accepted in one of the IT startup located in Alam Sutera, Tangerang. I started my intern in March this year and will be ended in February next year. Keeping in mind that I would be an intern for whole year without inter-semester holiday make me sick. Fortunately, last May there is two days off (national holiday) which is bond to weekend. I have to take a short gateway!

Actually, I planned this for around 6 months before. At first, I thought this opportunity would be great to replace a plan that I ruined a year before. But my college partner was not sure enough whether she going her hometown or not. Then I remember Dithot! Last year, after I surprised Sujan for her birthday, I suddenly came up with the idea to go to Semarang by bus. Sujan had afternoon class, so I decided to delivery order McD for her lunch after class. The McD was arriving so the phone was ringing. Sujan told me that she had Ayam Geprek, and asked if I want some. Nah... She ate, I ate (alone in her room, hiks hiks). When she come home, I still have some leftover (chicken bones). And here she goes...she want to eat that bones! Even though we have to hurry if we want to arrive in Semarang soon. But so sad, we were arriving almost mid night and we have to go back Solo in the morning (Sujan want to have first date with her crush (now it's official)).

My best pal, Ditha or Dithot as I call her, went study in Diponegoro University major in Medical. She rarely back to Tangerang. So, I asked Sujan to meet up in Semarang for several days. I went to Semarang from Tangerang, and Sujan went to Semarang from Solo. Accommodation is the first thing that I need to prepare, then other thing came last. HEHE. Because of long-weekend season, I barely got the ticket. And of course, I had to pay higher. Luckily I got to stay in my friend's room so I don't need to mind how much cost I would spend while in Semarang. But unluckily on my day to depart, my flight got delayed for almost 2 hours. So on my first day, I got no where to go except for my dinner.

On the next morning, according to my plan we got to visit Sam Poo Kong. Sam Poo Kong was the name of the general from China. In Sam Poo Kong, there are three buildings and Sam Poo Kong statue itself. Two of them used for prayer, and one for performance stage. All the buildings got the oriental theme, you know red color.

Courtesy of Song Sujan

But did you know if Sam Poo Kong was a moslem? I didn't. I knew it from the taxi driver we took from Sam Poo Kong to Spiegel Bar & Bistro. The weather was so nice, the sky is bright and the sun shines too much. In a weather like this, we supposed to get some gelato. I heard that there is an artisan gelato in Spiegel Bar & Bistro which located in Kota Lama Semarang. I was looking for public attraction or Semarang culinary in TripAdvisor or any blogs long before so I got enough information where to go.

Spiegel Bar & Bistro serves foods, beverages, alcohol, and also they had space upstairs for rent. If there is no event held upstairs, customer may go upstairs for take pictures. Upstairs, there is also outdoor terrace with little lamp hanging like ceiling. Like us, there were many other photographer or amateur like us who took photos upstairs. If you feel shy to take a picture altogether, just wait until upstairs is empty. Which is I could not guarantee if you could made it.

The sun shines too bright that I barely open my eyes, and you see that awkward eye-opened gesture

Courtesy of Song Sujan
Well, accident occurs in this restaurant, that my flat-wedges broke. Not the heels, but the...what do we call it... ah forget it. I couldn't find one. We supposed to wait until Pasar Semawis open, but I can not ask for more except, "Let's go back home, I need to change to sneakers".