25 September 2016

We both same age, different maturity.

Last night I had a nightmare. In my dream, I had disease that I need monthly treatment abroad. The nightmare isn't stop there. When I went abroad for the treatment, someone told me that my best friend died. In that dream, I fainted. When I regain my conscious, I cried. After that moment, suddenly I woke up from my dream and I got my self in tears.

Still in tears, I tried to look for my phone to call that friend just to ensure everything okay. Still in tears, I tried to buy vouchers for my mobile phone first, since my remaining balance was not enough to make a call. Still in tears, I called him. And alhamdulillah, he picked my call up.

Hearing I was in tears, he asked. He thought that maybe something emergency came up. But when I told him that I had a nightmare about him, he tried to comfort me. Because he need to attend class, he had to hang my call up. But after that, he texted me and try to comfort me. He asked how he died in my dream, but unfortunately I was not so sure because I fainted right after I read the announcement text. He asked because the night before he died in his dream too. Knowing that fact, I asked him to meet up that evening.

In the evening, he told me that he was shock hearing what I said. He was in the elevator when he picked my call up. And right beside him, there was his lecturer. After the prologue, he continue telling about the dream he had. He was sleeping over at his friend's house that night, and in his dream he and his friends already knew their death time. So all of them prepared what to answer, and already change their clothes into white one. In his dream, he jumped out of the cliff. He senses when his soul left his body. And he thought that my dream was the sequel. Come to think about it, perhaps it was the sequel. Because I only received the announcement. Ah, my mistake fainted too soon.

I am afraid of losing people around me, as equal as I afraid to confront my death. Since none of us knew when our time came up.

After we visited a friend who is hospitalized, he drove me home. On my way back home, he lecture me something. Yeah, he is a type to give 'kultum' to his friends. Kultum is a term of short lecture especially about religion for around seven minutes. But that night, he is giving lecture for more than seven minutes. I'm lucky enough to have him as a friend, who always kindly share his knowledge.

He told me that we are not teenager anymore that we should plan our future responsibly. He told me to focus on my college and intern. He told me to push aside thought of love or relationship, and that if me and my match destined together will find its way. He told me that good guy will get good guy, but if good guy got bad guy that means the good guy capable to guide the bad guy.

I got sullen as he took a quick glance and laugh. He got the idea of "My friend is not mature yet for this kind of convo"

He is a good guy. I wish him healthy and prosperity in this life.