22 September 2016

Jakarta: National Gallery

"Din, you have to accompany me. I got photography project, and the theme is festival!"

"Like music festival?"

"I prefer traditional to music"

As you know, in Jakarta such festival is rarely happened. Sujan is a college student major in Architecture in public university in Solo. Many traditional festival held more often than in Jakarta. But then, Sujan decided to go to Gallery National first. By the way, Sujan's classmates named Ela also join us because she need to finish her project too! Gallery National located in Center Jakarta, across Gambir Station. I knew there is no traditional festival there, cause you know in Gallery National area there is two indoor buildings which held exhibition of art, whether photography or drawings. And here we go...

Luckily there are two exhibitions on going in main building and side building. On the main building there is Haryadi Suadi exhibition. Then on the side building there is Arfial Arsad Hakim. The artist is one of the professor in university where Sujan studies, but different major of course. He teaches art class. He bought his son as well during the exhibition. The artist is really kind and humble. He greet almost every guest which came to his exhibition, and he gave us a brochure of his exhibition. His theme was "Lanskap dalam Pengembaraan". His drawings dominated by blue colour, even the green colour was so soft. Every color sync in pastel harmony. The hall contains three section, where the last section he put all his past drawings.

In Gallery National there is also various murals on the wall alongside the pedestrian path. I guess the murals had been there long enough, just like you know the building management just paint on it again to make the color looks good. My advice, that the murals should be change periodically. Friend of my friend took a picture in front of the mural, and I knew it directly that the picture took place in Gallery National. But still, it's a must!

By the way, Sujan made creative video about our journey! Check this out: