24 September 2016

PIK: Cake-a-Boo

Cake-a-Boo is a cake restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk. If you are happen to Pantai Indah Kapuk via Outer Ring Highway, you may seen Cake-a-Boo at left-side shop after Locale. Cake-a-Boo located near parking entrance. This restaurant had an automatic conveyor to serve their cake (just like sushi conveyor). Their interior was so lovely, with pinkish bright color.

1. Mini bomb (50,000 IDR)

This bomb has bigger version too. The bomb contains hazelnut mousse with peanut. The bomb is not easy to be cracked with light touch. The shape is cute enough, but hazelnut mousse with peanut...I don't think it suits me. My day was saved by hot peppermint tea.

2. Dark Chocolate Cake (50,000 IDR)

This is awesome! For chocolate lovers, I recommend you to pick this dark chocolate. Although the visualization is less attractive, but do not doubt its taste. But do not choice the beverage in wrong way, better for you to pick mineral water or just tea with less sugar.

3.  Sakura Bloom Cake (50,000 IDR)

This strawberry sponge cake is quite good. Not too sweet, not too flavourless. But unfortunately the visualization is less attractive, like you see what is on top the flower which has leaf-tail? I think Cake-a-Boo can do better than this.

The ambiance was nice, full of bright color so the lighting. I was looking for electric plug to charge my phone's battery, but they don't have it in every seat. But the waitress offer me to charge my phone's battery at cashier. Because I don't want too far away, I refused. But then she realize that behind the (somewhat refrigerator or just cupboard) there is electric plug, luckily beside my seats! Then, she allows me to charge my phone's battery there.

My little sissy and I besides cake conveyor